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Herbal Simples

Single Herbal Remedies A-Z

These are tinctures and essences that are prepared from a single plant.


They take effect immediately.  Varying degrees of sensitivity means that each person feels the effects in their own time.


Suggested Dose: 1-2 dropperfuls a day and 5-10 drops as needed under tongue


Agrimonia eupatoria

Supports birthing oneself anew. Confidence in one’s self and moving ahead whilst in the public eye. Solar plexus and third eye.


Borago officinalis

Move forward in your own power. Cell memory release work. Alleviates despondency. Adrenal gland nourisher, energizing. More info


Cat tail Moss

Isothecium stoloniferum

Nurturing. Holds the space for deep regeneration and healing.


Stellaria media

Rebalances thyroid gland. Optimal metabolism. Cooling. Embrace the succulence of life! Throat and thymus gland nourishment. More info


Cicchorium intybus

Liver nourisher & tonifier. Heightens intuitive focus and awareness; third eye. Courage & protection. Enjoying one’s own company. More info

Cleavers &  Violets

Galium aparine & Viola odorata

Circulates lymph; nourishes and builds immunity. Kidney tonic. Clears on physical and energetic levels. Throat and heart clearing. More info

Climbing Hard Fern

Blechnum filiforme

Intuitive focus. Facilitating transformation and heart connection. Activates old part of the brain.


Geranium carolinian

Digestive. Calms stomach upsets. Greatly aids the gall bladder and liver. Reduces bloating. Alkalinising, arthritic tonic.


Artemisia vulgaris

Clears & further opens channels to right brain. Rebalances pineal and pituitary glands and is a good liver tonic. Connects the right and left brain, promotes visioning, & the following of one’s dreams. More info

Damiana *

Turnera diffusa

Relax after a long day! Muscle relaxant and mild euphoric. Boosts serotonin uptake in the brain. Allows the adrenals to relax. Uplifting in cases of being depressed/down. Like liquid chocolate! More info


Taraxacum officinale 

Liver nourisher. Supports and heals the kidneys and digestive system. Energy tonic. Alkalinizes system and boosts immune system. Grounding; good for confidence, creativity and integration. More info


Dianella nigra

Walking forward with clarity. Self-assertion. Release of old beliefs.


Echinacea angustifolia

Promotes listening to oneself. Counters bacterial infections.


Euphrasia officinalis

Confidence; following your inner knowing. ‘Eyes open’. Eyesight and liver tonic. Helps dissolve cataracts. Anti-inflammatory, stops allergies and boosts lifeforce. Third eye and solar plexus.


Tanacetum parthenium

Alleviates and prevents headaches and migraines. Particularly helpful in treating migraines. Reduces heat in the liver. More info


Gingko biloba

Repairs long term memory neurons in the brain. Helps concentration and focus, mental alertness. Excellent circulation tonic. Quiets the mind so that the heart can be heard. More info

Gotu kola *

Gotu kola

Clears and balances the brain. Clears meridians throughout the body and helps energy levels. Enlivening; wake up with the sun! More info


Crataegus oxycanthus

Effectively lowers blood pressure within 1-2 weeks. Adaptogen. Powerful heart tonic. Lowers cholesterol levels. Joy & flexibility. Release of grief. More info


Viola tricolor

Expressing the truth of one’s heart. Trust in self, following one’s path. Solar plexus, third eye (intuition) and throat (communication).


Humulus lupulus

Mild sedative. Dream-work and emotional healing. Greatly helps dream recall. Aids the pancreas and helps regulate blood sugar levels. More info


Pseudowintera  axillaries

Anti-fungal, anti-candida action in the body. Counters thrush. Release of held-in anger, specifically resentment. More info


Hoheria spp.

Restores hope in life. Backbone of existence, freedom in being alive.


Ipomea indica

Addiction remedy. Helps release emotions underlying the addiction.

Ivy leaved Toadflax

Linaria cymbalaria

Release responsiblity for other people’s process; coming back to your 
own. Helps relax neck and shoulder tension. 


Coprosma robusta

Kidney & urinary tract tonic. Sacral and solar plexus healing. Knowing who you are.


Agathis australis

Strength and support. Heart connection with oneself and others; clear connection.


Macropiper excelsia

Heart release work. Lowers cholesterol levels. Enhances circulation, cleanses the blood and kidneys. Boosts energy levels.


Hebe stricta

Calms the stomach, eases digestive system upsets. Helps to clear old emotions held in the stomach area. Stops diarrhoea in 1ml doses.


Fuschia excorticata

Native Tree Fuschia. ‘To let go’. Clearing the past & moving ahead. Acceptance and moving more deeply to the rhythm of one’s own inner drum.


Sophora Microphylla

Grounding. Reseeding new beginnings. Works deeply on a cellular, structural level. Solar plexus and root energy center.


Pomaderris kumarahou

Lung tonic; helping to make space for oneself in one’s life. Clears the skin through helping the liver and cleansing the blood. Heart chakra.

Lady Nada

Heliohebe lavaudiana

Teaching us to draw God's/Spirit’s love from the flame in our hearts and to radiate it into the nature kingdom for the blessing of all life.

Lavender & Angelica

Lavendula sp. & Angelica sp.

Highly protective. Holds the space for big transitions and changes to happen more easily. Helps release irritability and anger. Uplifting! More info


‘Energy tonic’ *

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Wonderful Energy tonic. Adrenal gland support. Also nourishes and repairs all mucous membranes; throat, lungs, intestinal area etc. Heals ulcers, soothes digestive system and helps settle sleep patterns. More info

Maca Root *

Lepidium meyenii

Alleviates hot flushes, night sweats, and other menopausal symptoms. Helps energy levels. Enhances female libido and male potency. Standing in one’s power and strengthening one’s spiritual connection. More info


Melicytus ramiflorus

Setting a new foundation, spiritually/physically. Connecting with the Ancestors in everyday life. Practical steps to following your intuition.


Cyathea medullaris

Warming. Great for Vata constitutions. Sacral, solar plexus and heart energy centers. Expressing, new beginnings.


Leptospermum scoparium

Cleansing, healing the sacral area. Blood purifier, embracing the shadow.


Podocarpus spicatus

Grounding. Aligning. Base chakra. Strengthening. Unspoken truths.


Myrsine australis

Depth of support for those who offer out so much to others.

‘Lion heart’

Leonorus cardiaca

Eases and eliminates menstrual cramps and PMT. Moderates mood swings, eases hormonal ups and downs. Regulates blood sugar levels. Stops headaches and is a powerful heart tonic. Helps deal with emotional stress, assisting constructive action. Courage and focus. More info


Commiphora myrrha

Anti-bacterial. Against tooth decay, promotes gum health.

Native Broom

Carmichaelia sp.

Energizing, empowering. Thyroid/metabolism tonic. Strengthening & protective.

Native Jasmine - Kaihua

Parsonsia heterophylla

Assists one’s personal spiritual connection. Lightens one’s whole being & awareness.


Urtica dioica

Embrace the shadow self. Kali durga. Kidney support. Life force.


Myoporum laetum

Honouring one’s own divinity. Speaks of our sacred connection with birds/ the bird goddess and our connection with the sky.

Olive Leaf

Olea europea

Stops colds, flus and viruses. Boosts energy levels and is a liver detox. Effectively counters thrush, candida and other fungal/yeast infections. Binds to heavy metals and other impurities in the blood, passing them out of the body system. Alkalanizes the body! More info

Peach Stones

Prunus persica

Communication & power; throat center. Breaking old cycles that no longer serve you. Helps those who either under or overcommunicate. More info


Mentha pulegium

Understanding both realms, a plant of the fairy world. Death & rebirth; transformation. Ancestral vision & wisdom.


Acaena anserinifolia

Gall bladder meridian healing; anti arthritic. Activation of primal knowledge of self love. Solar plexus and third eye.


Metrosideros excelsa

Consolidating on, and following the wisdom of one’s heart.


Polygonum persicaria

‘Quickening’. Helping to go beyond one’s usual comfort zone. Upwards energy movement facilitating release and positive change.


Phytolacca americana

Powerful lymphatic system cleanser. Breaks up cysts, tumours and able to clear glandular fever long-term etc. Best taken in small doses (3 drops up to 3xsday) at first, unless otherwise specified.


Sonchus sp.

Grounding. Core essence.

Red Clover

Trifolium pratense

Working through trauma, usually sexually- related. Cellular release work, often from childhood (0-5 yrs). Root and heart energy centers.

Rewa Rewa ‘Honeysuckle’

Knightia excelsa

Gentleness of spirit. Enhances feminine energy and trust in the unknown. Strengthening.


‘Red pine’

Dacrydium cupressinum

Thyroid gland / optimal metabolism tonic. Clears the etheric body and promotes communication with the Divine self. Tuning into higher knowledge, ancient realms.

Round-leaved Gotu kola

Viola cunninghamii

Clears the energy meridians that run through the body; like getting acupuncture from a plant! Rebalancing & rejuvenating.

Self Heal


Prunella vulgaris

Self Love. Connecting with, & the re-integration of aspects of oneself that one hasn’t come into contact with for some time. Conscious recall. Wonderful during fasting as facilitates spiritual nourishment. More info

Shepherd’s Purse

Capsella bursapastoris

Stops heavy bleeding, is an anti-haemorrhage agent. Mid-life hormone balance. Spinal alignment. Support of oneself; helps prevent of unnecessary energy loss.


Veronica persica

Clears sinus congestion. Eases eye soreness and helps eyesight. Goes to areas of tension and relaxes them, specifically the neck and shoulder areas. Self-trust, helps to align one with one’s inner knowing. Takes energy away from the head, helps stop overthinking. More info

St. Joan’s wort/ St. John’s wort 

Hypericum perforatum

Strong anti-depressant effects. Alleviates nervous anxiety. Eases and eliminates muscular tension and nerve pain, such as sciatica. Stops cold sores, and counters the herpes virus in general. Boosts serotonin levels (one of the major feel-good molecules in the brain), helping the pineal and pituitary glands to function optimally. Like liquid gold! More info


Larix laricina

Confidence & Self-reliance. Soothing. Heals the center of the nervous system. Turning things around into the positive. Solar plexus.


Pyllocladus trichomanoides

A powerful detox & Liver tonic. Effectively clears the blood of heavy metals & toxins. Whakapapa, spiritual/blood lineage. Support of self.


Beilschmiedia tarairi

Connecting the mind and heart. Helping one to follow this process. Differentiating between love and physical attraction/sex.


Rubus cissoides

Calming. Mild sedative action, soothing to the nervous system. Promoting emotional healing and is anti-anxiety. Wild passionflower.

Ti Kouka

Cordyline australis

Facilitates self-acceptance, self -expression. Honouring one’s uniqueness. Speaking one’s truth with compassion.


Podocarpus totara

Heart awareness. Centering. Helps with repressed base chakra emotions. Intuitive knowledge of sexuality and identity.

Tree Daisy

Olearia spp.

Opens crown energy center, enhances peripheral vision. Bigger picture.


Verbena officinalis

Nervous system healer. Gall bladder nourisher and tonic; assists fat digestion. Practical intuitive focus. Calming; aligning with self. More info


Viola odorata

Heart healing. Release of grief. Trust in yourself. More info

Viper’s Bugloss

Echium vulgare

Kundalini rising, awakening. Unblocks energy centers, specifically working with the third eye/intuition, and throat & solar plexus areas. Binds to heavy metals and helps pass them out of the body system. More info

Watercress Elixir

Nasturtium officinale

Clears impurities from the blood. Assists in the clearing of negative emotions & thoughts, encouraging creative thought and processes.


Entelea arborescens

Releasing essence.

Wild Arnica

Geranium sp.

Use to alleviate shock or trauma, or when feeling ‘out of kilter’. To realign and calm down. Balances energy & is grounding; Stress relief.

Wild Carrot

Daucus carota

Release the last remnants of old patterning. Completion of a cycle.

Wild Clematis

Clematis paniculata

Excellent for channelling, helping to both open the crown energy center and connect with the Earth. Clear vision, expansive view.

Wild Ginger

Zingiber sp.

Integration of, and putting one’s inner knowing into action. Being the change you wish to see in the world. Uplifting! More info

Wild Roses

‘Heart Chakra’

Rosa sp.

Unconditional love & heart healing. Regulates mood swings, crying spells; works like rescue remedy. Wonderful support during emotional change(s). Raises one’s frequency considerably, ~341Hz.

Willow Bark

Salix sp.

Release of emotional /physical pain. Facilitation of energy flow.

Wood Betony

Lamium sp.

Allowing and supporting yourself in your own experience of what is true for you. Integrity. Staying present with yourself. More info


Achillea millefolium

Liver tonic and blood cleanser. Energy field protection. Bone marrow tonic and more, an ancient healing plant. More info

Yellow Dock

Rumex crispus

Alkalinizes system. Detoxify! Excellent liver tonic. Binds to impurities (including heavy metals) and passes them out of the body system. Nourishes spleen and eyesight. Creativity and confidence. More info

Only Native and Organic NZ products used.


All overseas products marked herein * are of an exceptional and reliable quality.

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