Thank you beautiful Amy!


For the birth of my first child I had a haemorrhage and had to be given Syntocin after birth.  After my second birth I had a similar heavy bleed and took Shepherds Purse. It worked immediately! I felt immediate contraction in my womb and the bleeding stopped fast. I had two dropperfuls and that’s all that was required to stop the bleed. It worked so fast and so well.

I was so grateful to have a natural remedy which me feel in control of my experience and empowered as a birthing woman. Highly recommended! 





Since this is the week the nation seems to be highlighting sleep issues, I thought I would let everryone know about my battle with insomnia and subsequent relief.


I've always been a light sleeper, but in the last 4 - 5 years have also begun to have long bouts of insomnia.


It becomes a nasty cycle where stress may have been a catalyst of insomnia, but then a couple of nights of no sleep increases the stress as you wonder if you'll any sleep the following night.


Over the years I've tried many different natural remedies, with varying results. None have given me consistent sleep. 


When it was suggested to me by Amy that I should try the Plant Rhythms colloidal minerals & the Plant Rhythms Sleep Ease I agreed to try. I wasn't expecting much, but within a couple of days not only did I feel I had more energy in the day, but I started not only sleeping through the night, but sleeping deeply. I don't remember ever having slept so deeply before. 


So I'm saying give those remedies a try if you too suffer from insomnia.


Thank you Amy.


C, Anitalea


Colloidal Minerals

I have just spent a month on a summer residential in Prague with Paul Renall.  He gave me some of your colloidal minerals as I had jittery legs at night and couldn't sleep.  They helped instantly.

Prague July 2013

Commentary from a woman who took only 1-3 drops a day for 2 months

The result is; I became more light hearted, i fell in love again, I had a foot/nail infection and that is changing for the best. and i became more relaxed and energetic. (my taiji is changing) I am happy with the plant medication.  And thank you for your sensitivity in doing this.  Happy greeting

Jacqueline, Prague

“The colloidal minerals are great!!! Have much more energy.-thanks”

Caro, Waitakeres

“…I am passionate about Plant Rhythms they are truly magical!

I personally take them everyday and I would not live without them...

I have witnessed them transform my wellbeing on all levels-  physically,emotionally,spiritually.

What I love about your cutting edge dynamic product is that they work almost instantly and are very grounding! The results are immediate and you get a free Iron hit too!

I have had wonderful feedback from happy satisfied customers -even getting them off medication! wow!”

Marshall’s Health Shop, Christchurch

A WOMAN living IN THE WAITAKERES had a large precancerous cyst in her right breast.  She took POKEROOT regularly at 2 dropperfuls a day for several weeks.  By the time the doctors got around to doing the biopsy they had trouble finding the cyst.  It had shrunk to half the size.  Her comment was, ‘well it obviously works!’


“The Cranesbill has been fantastic”


“I wasn’t feeling well for 2 months and then I started to take the herbs and after just 2 days (of taking Plantrhythms) I feel so good..”

Helensville (Winter) 2013

Hi Amy, I met you at the Evolve Festival in Nelson and you have changed my life...THANK-YOU...an angel!!! :) I am breathing soo much better, my brain 'fog' is lifting and finally my skin issues that have been such an problem for a few years are beginning to show subtle signs of possible healing?

S, Mapua

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