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Tropical Leaves

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Helpful remedies for ...

Acidity- Kumarahou, Olive leaf, Dandelion, Colloidal Minerals

Actioning one’s dreams- Croneswort, Vervain, Speedwell, Create

Addictions- Ipomea indica

After Birth healing- Motherwort, Dandelion, Licorice root, Wild Arnica

Anger- Horopito, Piripiri

Anxiety- St.John’s wort, Damiana, Motherwort, Tamarack

Asthma- Licorice root, Kumarahou, the Everything Remedy

Base chakra- Totara, Licorice root, Matai, Motherwort, Damiana, Balance First

Bipolar- Damiana, Licorice root, Colloidal Minerals, Focus

Birthing- Wild roses ‘Heart chakra’, Wild Arnica, Native broom, Damiana, Stress less

Blocked meridians- Gotu kola, Ginger, Round-leaved Gotu kola

Blocked sinuses- Speedwell, Stressless

Blood Cleansing- Kumarahou, Olive leaf, Watercress, Viper’s bugloss, Kawakawa, Everything Remedy

Boundaries- Wood betony, Self-heal, Feverfew, I am, Cherish

Candida- Olive Leaf, Horopito, Kumarahou, Lavender and Angelica

Cataracts- Eyebright, Speedwell, also as drops in a saline solution

Channelling- Wild clematis, Rimu, Matai, Create

Communication- Peach stones, Speedwell, Viper’s bugloss

Confidence- Dianella nigra, Vervain, St. John’s wort, Stress less

Constipation- Yellow dock

Depression- Damiana, Licorice root, Self-heal, St. John’s wort, Motherwort, Trust, Smile, Stress less, Worry Ease, Minerals, Focus

Detox- Tanekaha, Olive leaf, Viper’s bugloss, Watercress elixir, Yellow dock, Up

Diabetes- Dandelion, Hops, Devil’s Club, Fenugreek

Difficulty trusting life- Rewarewa, Self-heal, Native Jasmine-Kaihua, Rimu, Trust, Worry Ease, I am Remedy

Dizziness/Vertigo- Hawthorn, Licorice, Ginger, Stress less

Emotional release work- Borage, Piripiri, Kotukutuku, Smile, Loss, Worry Ease

Emotional upset- Wild roses ‘Heart chakra’,Wild Arnica, Everything Remedy, Stress less Balance First, Focus, Worry Ease

Endometriosis- Matai, Pokeroot, Motherwort, Earth-E

Fragmentation of self- Self heal, St.John’s wort, Wood betony , Balance First, Earth E, Focus, Stress less

Gall bladder- Cranesbill, Vervain, Trust

Grief- Violets, Hawthorn, Piripiri, Cleavers& violets, Loss

Headaches- Motherwort, Feverfew, Focus, Stressless

Heart palpitations- Motherwort, Focus

Heavy metal build up-Tanekaha,Viper’s bugloss, Watercress, Olive leaf, Kumarahou

High blood pressure- Hawthorn, Kawakawa, Smile, Focus, Colloidal minerals

Hormone imbalance- Motherwort, Licorice root, Damiana, Focus, Maca root, Croneswort

Hot flushes- Maca, Earth-E

Immune system- Licorice, Dandelion, Up, Stress less

Indecisive- Dianella nigra, Motherwort, Vervain, Focus

Integration- Dandelion, Wild Ginger, Up, The Everything Remedy, Earth E, Worry Ease

Irritable bowel syndrome IBS-Licorice, Kawakawa, Vervain, Cranesbill,Gotu kola, Stressless, Cranesbill

Irritability- Lavender&Angelica, Motherwort, Damiana, Everything Remedy, Trust, Heart chakra

Lack of courage –Chicory, Dianella nigra, Up, Habit Breaker, Focus  

Liver- Kumarahou, Dandelion, Self-heal, Tanekaha, Liver, Up

Loss of connection- Rimu, Wild Clematis, Self-heal, Kaihua, Wild Juniper, Create, Up, Balance First

Low Adrenal glands- Licorice root, Balance First, Borage, Colloidal Minerals, Balance First, Loss, Worry Ease, Up, Stress less

Low Blood Pressure- Hawthorn, Licorice, Balance First

Low Energy- Licorice root, Native Broom,

Colloidal Seaweed minerals, Dandelion root, Speedwell, Kumarahou, Damiana, Olive leaf, Up, Worry Ease, Trust, Stressless, Focus

Loss of Libido-Damiana, Colloidal minerals, Licorice root, esp. women, Focus, Stressless, Up

Lungs- Licorice root, Kumarahou, Everything Remedy

Lymphatic system- Cleavers& violets, Damiana, St. John’s Wort, Earth E, Everything Remedy

Menopause- Maca, Dandelion root, Licorice, Motherwort, Croneswort, Earth E.

Menstrual Cramps- Motherwort, Focus

Mental Fatigue- Gingko, Gotu kola, Focus, Stressless  

Mood Swings- Damiana, Licorice, Motherwort, Colloidal Minerals, Heart chakra, Wild Arnica, Worry Ease, Stress less, Balance First, Up

Moving forward- Dianella nigra, Lavender&Angelica, Heart chakra, Kawakawa, Round-leaved Gotu kola, Up

Muscle tension- Damiana, St.John’s wort, Speedwell, Stressless

Overweight- Chickweed, Licorice root, Up, Focus, Colloidal minerals

Nerve pain- St. John’s Wort

Nervous system- Vervain, St.John’s wort, Tamarack, Colloidal minerals, Everything Remedy, Sleep Ease

Not sleeping- Hops, Damiana, Sleep Ease

Obstacles-Viper’s bugloss, Feverfew, Up, Loss

Old patterns- Wild carrot, Peach stones, Habit Breaker

Out of balance- Gingko, Gotu kola, Motherwort, Focus, Balacne First

Overwhelmed- Damiana, Wild Arnica, Focus

Poor Eyesight- Speedwell, Dandelion, Stressless

Poor Breathing- Kumarahou, Wild roses ‘Heart chakra’, Everything Remedy, Focus

Poor circulation- Kawakawa, Motherwort, Ginger, Hawthorn, Focus

Poor digestion- Licorice root, Cranesbill, Vervain, Dandelion root

Poor fat digestion- Cranesbill, Vervain, Worry Ease

Poor Memory- Gingko, Gotu kola, Croneswort, Focus

Protection- Yarrow, Native broom

Rescue remedy- Wild roses ‘Heart chakra’, Wild arnica, Everything Remedy

Release work- Kotukutuku, Piripiri, Tamarack, Cleavers & Violets, Loss, Habit Breaker,

Everything Remedy, Balance First

Self-love- Self-heal, Native Jasmine Kaihua, Heart chakra, Motherwort, Habit Breaker

Self negating behaviour- Native fuschia, Wild roses, Motherwort, Self-heal

Self-Sabotage- Lancewood, Self-heal, Heart chakra, Tamarack

Self-trust- Motherwort, Kotukutuku, Totara, Self-heal, Native Fuschia, Trust

Sexual abuse- Red clover, Totara, Wild Arnica, Licorice root, Heart chakra, Yarrow, Trust,

Everything Remedy, Loss

Stomach upsets- Cranesbill, Vervain, Worry Ease

Schizophrenia- St.John’s wort, Licorice root, Stress less, Focus, Colloidal minerals

Shock- Wild Arnica, Wild roses ‘Heart chakra’, Everything Remedy, Motherwort

Short of breath- Motherwort, Kumarahou, Trust, Worry Ease

Shyness- Chicory, Damiana, Up remedy

Skin problems- Kumarahou, Licorice root, Yellow Dock, Gotu kola

Spleen- Speedwell, Yellow dock, Gotu Kola, Cranesbill

Standing in your power- Maca, Self-heal, Motherwort, Native broom, Earth-E

Stress-Motherwort, Damiana, Maca, St.John’s wort, Vervain, Minerals, Speedwell, Stress less

Sugar Cravings- Licorice root, Colloidal minerals, Focus, Dandelion root

Support- Tanekaha, Licorice root, Habit Breaker, Up, Dandelion

Thrush- Lavender &Angelica, Horopito, Olive leaf, Kumarahou

Thyroid problems- Chickweed, Colloidal minerals, Rimu, Native broom, Kumarahou, Peach Stones, Up remedy

Tired- Licorice, Gotu kola, Damiana, Motherwort, Tanekaha, Speedwell,

Up, Focus, Colloidal minerals, Stressless, Loss remedy

Tired Eyes- Tanekaha, and Speedwell & Eyebright can be used internally and as eyedrops

Toxins-Viper’s bugloss, Watercress elixir, Olive leaf, Tanekaha, Kumarahou, Colloidal minerals

Transformation- Pennyroyal, Earth E

Transitions- Pennyroyal, Lavender and Angelica

Trauma- Tamarack, Wild Arnica, Self-heal, Heart Chakra, Speedwell, Native Fuchsia, Earth_E, Everything Remedy

Ungrounded- Matai, Totara, Licorice root, Damiana, Earth-E

Unsettled- Motherwort, Damiana, Wild Arnica, Gotu kola Licorice root, Tataramoa, Focus

Worry- Motherwort, Damiana, Vervain, Wild Arnica, St.John’s wort, Worry Ease

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