New Energy Range

Herbal Support Formulae

Balance First

50ml - $38.00

Focus and Clarity.  Balances all Constitutions: Vata, Pitta & Kapha
Alkalizes the body and assists digestion. Nourishes liver and adrenal functioning, boosting energy levels and overall sense of well being. Alleviates mood swings; balances blood sugar levels and hormones. Aids with mental clarity, focus and confidence. Clears meridians through the body and promotes mind heart connection. Foundational in nature and effectively used with the other remedies.

Extracts and essences of: Taraire, Licorice, Ginger, Gotu cola, Mahoe, Motherwort, Wild Arnica, Kowhai, Wild clematis, Round leaved Gotu cola, Eyebright, Viper's Bugloss, Mamaku, Matipo, Self Heal, Gingko, Tanekaha, Heart Chakra and Kotukutuku.


50ml - $38.00

Lung tonic
Support for asthma, and for hay fever relief. Breath awareness and meditation tonic. Promotes a willingness to let go, and let life in. Supports a sense of safety through increased connection with oneself. Helps during periods of shut down on depression. Reminds you to say yes to life. Creating breathing room; filling the space that is you.

Extracts and essences of: Kumarahou, Manuka, Viper's bugloss, Chickweed, Heartsease, Yarrow, Roses, Kawakawa, Rose quartz, Koromiko, Houhere, Carnelian, Mullein, Ti Kouka, Damiana, Olive leaf, Peach Stones, Ginger, Gingko, Nikau, Citrine, Sage, Labradorite.


50ml - $38.00

‘the enlightenment tonic’.
Drops improve tap water quality.

Helps detoxify and decalcify the pineal gland. Promotes mental clarity and alignment of meridians. Regulates and assists optimal serotonin levels in the brain and body. Energizes organ function. Balances and connects both brain hemispheres. Opens third eye and strengthens intuition. Assists with one’s spiritual awakening and alignment.Binds to heavy metals and other toxins to pass them out of the body system. Contains components that actively decalcify the what is said to be the ‘seat of enlightenment’, the pineal gland. Revitalising the nervous system and the liver and spleen qi (energy).

Extracts and essences of: Round leaved gotu cola, Cacao, Speedwell, Turmeric, Tanekaha, Piperacaea sp., Tanacetum, Coriander, St John's wort, Garnet, Kohekohe, Croneswort, Yarrow,Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Carnelian.


50ml - $38.00

Neurochemically balances the mind and body
Immediate shock relief. Restores the natural equilibrium of feel-good chemicals in the brain. Alleviates and heals and promotes playfulness with self. Helps move away from inappropriate relationships by nurturing a sense of self, a deep sense of love and respect. Enables a balance for one to trust again. Supports empowerment and a better sense of self esteem and self trust. Spleen and kidney tonic.

Extracts and essences of: Yarrow, Kauri, Nikau, Kahikatea, Spleenwort Fern, Karamu, Kumarahou, Kawakawa, Houhere, Wild Roses, Heartsease, Tarata, Wild Arnica, Puriri, Kotukutuku, Mamaku, Lavender, Shepherd’s Purse, Horopito, Tanacetum, Supplejack, Five finger, White clover, Gold, Pounamu.


50ml - $38.00

Active Creation. Moving beyond known boundaries.
Reintegration of those forgotten aspects of the psyche. Active creation of your own life. Connecting the right and the left brain and particularly opening up the creative right side. Male and female aspect integration. Breaking old cycles and facilitating transformation. Assists one in BEING in the moment. In that space that you have chosen to make in yourself to be free to express. 

Extracts and essences of: Croneswort, Motherwort, Damiana, Golden hue, Wild clematis, Gold, Silver and Copper, Vervain, Heartsease, Wild ginger, Peach stones, Vanilla, Kumarahou, Wild roses, Osha root.


50ml - $38.00

Cleansing and Grounding. For when you need Mothering and Feminine support.
Settling. Finding the safety and comfort in being settled in yourself. Promotes focus, playfulness, and integration. Balances hormones and assists liver functioning. Safe to come home to yourself.

Extracts and essences of: Chickweed, Pokeroot, Dandelion, Maca, Garnet, Motherwort, Damiana, Licorice, Ginger, Yellow Dock.


50ml - $38.00

Make light of the dark. Live your inspirations and passions into being.
Brain tonic and assists mental clarity. Harmonizing with your dreams and goals allowing you to live your inspirations and passions into being. Facilitates focus from a balanced perspective through supporting even blood sugar levels and hormone balance. 

Extracts and essences of: Gotu cola, Gingko, Motherwort, Damiana, Vervain, Speedwell, Eyebright, Chickweed, Rimu, Croneswort, Tanekaha, Wild arnica, Ginger.

I am

50ml - $38.00

Assists in clearing the way for new beginnings.
Emotional healing. Following the path of one’s heart and that of unconditional love. Clears energy grid through the body helping to de-condition the nervous system and let old conditioning go. Bringing in new light and emotional healing. Release of old emotional charges and attachments of all kinds.Acknowledging your own truth to yourself. Following one’s inner wisdom through to new beginnings. 

Extracts and essences of: Tataramoa, Ipomea, Heartsease, Gingko, Croneswort, Round-leaved Gotu cola, Wild Roses, Lady nada, Walnut, Tanekaha, St John’s/Joan’s wort, Eyebright, Mamaku.


50ml - $38.00

Supporting the Process of Loss.
“It’s OK to Cry”

Healing, Calming for the nervous system and emotions. Assists in the release of grief.  Gently uplifting while still allowing the process of letting go. Assists with cellular release work and honouring onself. Moving forward with unconditional love and support for oneself and others. Staying present with what is happening for oneself and not getting caught up in others’.

Extracts and essences of: Toadflax, Borage, Motherwort, Kawakawa, Kumarahou, Tanekaha, Piperaceae sp, Dianella sp, Hawthorn, Heart Chakra, St John’s Wort, Yellow Dock, Matipo, Lavender & angelica, Peach Stones, Tataramoa, Wood betony, Quartz Crystals,Ti kouka, Hops, Wild Clematis, Lady Nada, Totara, Pennyroyal.


50ml - $38.00

Calming. Gentle sleeping drops assisting one to settle down.
A simple mixture that assists sleep. A beautiful one for children, as the solution calms them and is emotionally healing and uplifting. Best taken half an hour before bed, or as needed to settle down! 

Extracts and essences of: Valerian, Hops, Tataramoa, Damiana, St John’s Wort.


50ml - $38.00

Reconnect with your joy, the laughter and warmth in your life.
Promotes self confidence, that sense of inner joy, and integration. Helps digestion, and is a liver and kidney tonic. Unconditional love of self and others. Highly protective and heart opening.

Extracts and essences of: Rose, Heartsease, Dandelion flowers, Speedwell flowers, Hawthorn, Vanilla, Orange peel, Damiana, Bananas, Nutmeg, Yarrow, St John’s wort, Eyebright, Rimu, Ginger.


50ml - $38.00

Supports Practicality, Upliftment and Focus
Rebalances the pineal and pituitary glands, aiding greater uptake of serotonin in the brain. Releases tension in the neck and shoulder areas. Eases muscle tension throughout the body and helps clear the lymph. Nourishes and supports the nervous system, and is strongly antiviral. Promotes self trust and unconditional love.

Extracts and essences of: St John’sWort, Damiana, Motherwort, Vervain, Cleavers & Violets, Licorice, Speedwell, Polygonum and Wild Roses.

Tech Protect

50ml - $38.00

Contains basic components for radiation protection and EMF shielding.
Strengthening your energy field and Rebalancing you. For optimal hormonal balance and especially thyroid support (metabolism). Assisting the body’s natural cleansing response. Ideal for office and high WIFI and EMF environments. The perfect remedy to protect from radiation, amongst cell phones and WIFI computer technology.

Extracts and essences of: Gingko, Eyebright, Chelidonium, Ngaio, Tanekaha, Salt, Tobacco, Pokeroot, Peach, Nascent iodine.

The Empowerment Remedy

50ml - $38.00