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Herbal Medicine Courses

These courses empower people to work with their own intuition and enable them to easily determine properties of trees and plants.

For those deeply interested in the NZ Native Bush and Wild Plants - practitioners included. 

These Herbal Courses are unique courses based on local wild plants and NZ native trees, traditional knowledge and Amy’s 25+ years of experience in the field. Her experience includes both teaching herbal medicine and formulating extensive wild plant preparations, nature education and other healing modalities in Canada, Holland, Costa Rica and NZ. Environmental education and indigenous teachings are core aspects of her approach. She is the founder of Plant Rhythms, which includes ranges of NZ local wild herbs and Native medicinal tree products for our health and wellbeing.


The Apprenticeship covers and is not limited to:

  • Herbal Medicine Making

  • Herbal Cooking & Wild Plant Nutrition, Recipes

  • Materia Medica: looking at chemical constituents of plants

  • Modalities of Healing

  • Shamanic Journeying

  • Principles of Homeopathy & Herbalism

  • Wildcrafting & Identification

  • Herbal Essences: Intro & Advanced

  • Development of Intuitive Trust & Nature Awareness

  • Women's Health

  • Wise Woman Perspectives

  • Women's Cycles

  • Working with the Frequencies of Wild Plants/Native Trees


Location:  Piha, West Coast of Auckland


Click Here for 2022-2023 brochure or on the image above.

Upcoming courses
Cancellation Policy

All course deposits and paid fees are non-refundable.  In the event you are unable to attend a course, you may transfer your course deposit or paid fees to a future course.

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COURSENZ - Course Deposit NZ.  Course Deposit - removes the postage and handling charge for NZ based students
COURSEINT - Course Deposit International.  Course deposit - removes the postage and handling charge for international students


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Upcoming courses:

Please refer to the information above.
Courses vary in duration according to location.  To secure your spot, please pay the course deposit.​​

  • NORTH ISLAND May 2023 - September 2023
    Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Course

    Session 1: May 20th, 21st &22nd 
    Session 2: June 10th, 11th & 12th
    Session 3: July 15th,16th & 17th
    Session 4: August 19th, 20th & 21st

    Native Tree and Wild Plant Medicine & Identification; 
    Nutrition & Preparations, Modalities of healing, Herbal essences and Medicine making, Woman's Herbal Health, and much more.

    There will be a comprehensive Course Syllabus included but our in-person learning weekends together are focused on building embodied relationship with ourselves and the natural world.

    See brochure for more details.

    Piha Waitakere Ranges, West coast of Auckland
    Registration Deposit: NZ $300*

  • Upskilling and Reintegration
    Furthering your journey and education.
    Shamanic Herbal Medicine Weekend
     - For past and returning students.

    Cost $600.00

    Piha Waitakere Ranges, West coast of Auckland
    Registration Deposit: NZ $300*


  • Food and Medicine Plants - How to Care for People
    Dates TBA
    First aid. Rongoa, treating infections & viruses. Wild plant cooking & preparation. Hands on healing with plants.

    Cost $210 per day

    Parau, Waitakere Ranges, West coast of Auckland
    Registration Deposit: NZ $100*


  • Practitioner Level Training
    Hands on Herbal Health and Healing

    Includes mentoring sesions
    August 2023 - dates to be announced
    4 day course 
    10 am – 5 pm, cost: $1200. 
    Held in Waitakere Ranges. Phone or email to register.

    Plant Steaming and Energy Work.
    Herbal healing including plant poultices, sound therapy, therapeutic foot baths & more.

    Registration Deposit: NZ $100




  • Herbal Correspondence Course
    Dates TBA
    The intention and structure is centred around being in close relationship and communion with a Tree, a week at a time.
    Cost $630, includes Herbal Extracts/Simples and other course materials.
    Payment must be made by: TBA.
    To reserve your spot, please complete course deposit initially.

    Registration Deposit: NZ $300*

The journey, and the process, varies. Plants, by their very nature remind us of Our being state of perfection.


Further Course Information:


Hands on Health and Healing
Women’s Herbal Health Cellular Medicine

Winter 2023 (TBA)

Open to all

Location: Waitakere Ranges - 4 day course

Course Cost: $1200

Discounted for returning students


A course with a focus on Hands on Health and Healing and Women’s Herbal Health Cellular Medicine PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS in November.


On the completion of two courses and a thesis to be handed in and presented during the second course.

Case Studies.  Perfect for students who have completed the intensive / apprenticeship and online course.

30 case studies to be completed and handed in. Feedback discussions and Foundations going forward with patients.

Future Course Information:

Wilderness rituals 
the Sacred Feminine

Mother Mary & Black Madonna
Piha West coast of Auckland
Dates TBA

Wilderness rituals
the Sacred Feminine
Aphrodite & Durga
Goddess focus
Piha West coast of Auckland
Dates TBA

Wilderness rituals
the Sacred Feminine
Wise Crone
Kuan Yin & Hecate
Goddess Focus 
Piha West coast of Auckland
Dates TBA

Reconnection Rebuilding Rebirthing

Opening to active creation with Athena crafting a paper and plant immersion with visionary artist Ekarasa Doblanovic.

Being an embodiment of the Earth and a woman who has walked this earth in  their knowing with love & clarity.

Practical work with the Goddess essences of the Sacred springs of the Aude region & Montserrat, of France & Spain. We will do Moxa, Clay, Water release rituals, Cataplasm with plants (full leaves).

* Full course payment must be in before the course begins.  Thank you.

Personal Experiences

"I still think doing your course was the best thing that could ever have happened to me. Putting me in touch with my soul again and the oneness with everything around us."


J., South Island.

"Tena koe Amy

I am happy to provide a course write up from my experiences at the apprenticeship course I attended in 2014.  My experience started through pain and suffering I had just had a bad week with  tooth ache and "tanked up" on antibiotics from the dentist, which were actually making me feel like......


My life excelled into another world  through the Intervention of the spirit and my Tupuna as they directed me to Paihia I questioned why I would want to go to Paihia that particular day, but hearing the quiet voice saying "go to Paihia!" It was to so strong.... I followed through.


Amy you were right there in the doorway of the Paihia hall Our brief conversation and consult not only healed me but opened a pathway to learn and experience the apprenticship course I learnt so much from the course Particularly this, that pain was in fact my allie.


Being able to learn in a beautiful environment with sweet and beautiful people  helped me gain confidence and appreciation of the taonga that papatuanuke provides for us all Communicating and connecting with the plants and trees was amazing, learning of their healing abilities and experiencing the group dynamics was fun I continue to make the tinctures and creams


If I could do this course again I would"


Nga mihi

Bella, Northland

"I found Amy's plant rhythm apprenticeship to be very nurturing and grounding.  Her facilitation enabled us to connect deeply to plants in a way I hadn't experienced before.  I really feel much more in tune now with our beautiful native plants and trees and this is what I was

wanting from the course.  Amy has a depth of knowledge and connection to the energy of plants and the earth that invited us all to enter those quiet places as well.


I think back to the time at Piha with great affection and remember the wonderful sisterhood we shared in the bush beside the ocean, the amazing food we prepared, all the infusions we drank and potions we created, the walks in the bush to meet and dialogue with the plants, trees, fungi, creepers, mosses, lichens and our friends the garden weeds, the songs we sang, the transformative sweat lodges we shared, and the caring we received.


It wasn't a typical learning environment with an emphasis on taking notes and doing heaps of assignments although we did have them and I wish I'd made more notes to help remember more of the incredible information we were offered.  It was very much an opportunity to drop into our bodies and spirits and to allow our essence to flow and breathe.


It was a very special apprenticeship and I would like to have more catchups. Thank you so much Amy for being you and creating this 

opportunity of being deeply immersed in nature and her gifts".


With much love from

J.S, Tauranga

"I decided to do Amy McCombs Plant Rhythms Apprenticeship after completing my Naturopathic Degree and it was the best investment I made for myself at the time. I felt that Amy’s course brought me back to my own intuition when working with plants and people and gave me valuable wisdom on how to work on an intuitive level that honors nature and brings a sense of harmony when working with plants.


Amy’s plant knowledge and wisdom when it comes to helping people is inspiring, It helped me to develop my knowledge of wild foods, using plants in my daily life, cooking with wild foods, and learning more about the native species which was an area that i was keen to develop, it was empowering, although I had already practiced some herbal medicine, I felt that Amy’s course made it a wonderful practice that really honored the earth, bringing ritual and ceremony to our work.


I feel that this course has been an important part of my journey on both a personal and professional level. I left my course at Plant Rhythms with not only more wisdom but an incredible sense of sisterhood with all the wonderful people that I met during my time. I would recommend this course to anyone that truly wants to learn about mother earth with a true medicine women”. 


LOVE and Gratitude ALWAYS

Fleur, Auckland


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