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Colloidal Minerals

Colloidal Mineral Supplement

  • Boost your energy levels

  • Facilitates weight loss &

  • Optimal Metabolism

  • Nourishes digestive system

  • Hormone & Mood stabilizing

  • Stops sugar cravings

  • Remineralize your entire body!

Amazingly rich mineral supplement!!
Contains over 90 different minerals in an absorbable form. As the organic apple cider vinegar base is unpasteurized- the real thing!


  • The good bacteria in it greatly facilitate the uptake of minerals by the body.

  • Add to salad dressings and have with meals to more than triple your nutrient absorption.

  • Or take a capful 2-3 times/day, straight or with water and honey.

Deliciously refreshing!



$50  (300 ml)

For best results, take 3-5 caps a day in water or water bottle through the day.


Refrigeration unnecessary.

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