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Wildcrafted organic native tree and wild plant remedies, workshops, consultations and products

Amy McComb has been producing natural botanical remedies for over 20 years and is one of the most well-respected and qualified herbalists in New Zealand.


The Plant Rhythms herbal ranges treat a wide range of conditions from acute and chronic to preventative.  They work on an emotional, physical and spiritual level and are scientifically produced in accordance with the vibrational frequency of the plants in synergy with the actual human body.


Plant Rhythms remedies combine the energetic healing qualities of a flower essence with the medicinal healing properties of the physical plant. They are lovingly and consciously hand-crafted through a making process that honours the divine nature of all living things.


The aim of Plant Rhythms is to increase awareness and enjoyment of self, and to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the wealth, wisdom and healing of wild plants and trees.


We invite you to experience this through:


With the provision of introductory consultation sessions, Amy will enhance your own ability to use the products well and in an aligned way to your specific needs.


Life Destination Sessions (LDS) take into account your physical, emotional and mental state.



Plantrhythms also offer specialist courses and apprenticeships to extend the use and knowledge of the specific tonics and specific combinations, to enable you to become a practitioner and also for practical use for families and for parents to be able to heal ailments in themselves and their own children.


Herbal Products

Discover our full range of products including the New Energy Range, Plant Rhythms Tinctures and Essences, Interactive Colour Healing, Search by Symptoms, Creams, Plant Oracle Cards and Colloidal Minerals.


'....this remedy is hard to describe.
The intention and way the plants are working is powerful and has far-reaching benefits.'

Tena koe Amy
I am happy to provide a course write up from my experiences at the apprenticeship course I attended in 2014.  My experience started through pain and suffering.  I had just had a bad week with tooth ache and "tanked up” on antibiotics from the dentist, which were actually making me feel like...... My life excelled into another world through the Intervention of the spirit and my Tupuna as they directed me to Paihia.  I questioned why I would want to go to Paihia that particular day, but hearing the quiet voice saying "go to Paihia!" It was to so strong.... I followed through.  Amy you were right there in the doorway of the Paihia hall.  Our brief conversation and consult not only healed me but opened a pathway to learn and experience the apprenticeship course.  I learnt so much from the course, particularly this: that pain was in fact my ally.
Being able to learn in a beautiful environment with sweet and beautiful people helped me gain confidence and appreciation of the taonga that papatuanuke provides for us all. Communicating and connecting with the plants and trees was amazing, learning of their healing abilities and experiencing the group dynamics was fun.  I continue to make the tinctures and creams.  If I could do this course again I would.
Nga mihi

Oracle Cards with Booklet

Back in Stock!

Space clearing spray coming soon!

"I decided to do Amy McCombs Plant Rhythms Apprenticeship after completing my Naturopathic Degree and it was the best investment I made for myself at the time. I felt that Amy’s course brought me back to my own intuition when working with plants and people and gave me valuable wisdom on how to work on an intuitive level that honors nature and brings a sense of harmony when working with plants. Amy’s plant knowledge and wisdom when it comes to helping people is inspiring, It helped me to develop my knowledge of wild foods, using plants in my daily life, cooking with wild foods, and learning more about the native species which was an area that i was keen to develop, it was empowering, although I had already practiced some herbal medicine, I felt that Amy’s course made it a wonderful practice that really honored the earth, bringing ritual and ceremony to our work. I feel that this course has been an important part of my journey on both a personal and professional level. I left my course at Plant Rhythms with not only more wisdom but an incredible sense of sisterhood with all the wonderful people that I met during my time.


I would recommend this course to anyone that truly wants to learn about mother earth with a true medicine women”.

Courses Coming Up 2016...


Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Course - North Island 

Held at Piha, Waitakeres, West coast of Auckland


March 4th-6th

April 8th-10th

May 10th-13th

June 11th-12th




More Information



Shamanic Herbal Apprenticeship Course - South Island

September 2016

Held at the base of Mount Arthur, Motueka.


More Information


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