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Herbal Smoking Mix

Mullein helps open the little sacs, the alveoli, in the lungs, increasing the oxygen uptake and boosting energy levels. Croneswort is a plant that helps us intuit our next steps in life, a plant of inspiration and wisdom that helps connect both sides of our brain. A plant of Artemis, Croneswort helps us go for our dreams! Damiana relaxes the muscles and helps produce more serotonin so that we feel happy and relaxed. It also helps to open the heart and enhances libido.

Ingredients: Mullein, Croneswort and Damiana.



Aotearoa Smudgesticks (seasonally available)

Use for clearing and uplifting spaces.

House Clearing: Start at the front door, light Smudgestick and allow to burn (flame) for a short time until burning reasonably well then put out the flame by waving through the air and you will then have a smoldering smudgestick. Ask Great Spirit to help you shift the energies, say your own prayer if you wish. Move in a straight line to each corner, working in a clockwise direction, lifting up the smoke to each corner. Smudge in cupboards and through the whole place until you end up back at the front door. Smudge the entrance of the door to allow negative energies to escape. Put smudgestick on a plate for a couple of minutes and then put it out if you wish to use the smudgestick in the future.


Every Smudgestick contains an assortment of: Mingimingi, Rewarewa, Tanekaha, Manuka, Lavender, Croneswort, Totara, Eucalyptus, Kahikatea, Kumarahou and Yarrow.


Available Seasonally. Created with care, has been used for many years as a way of cleansing oneself, living spaces & other areas, and as a way of showing reverence for the earth.


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