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Rebalancing and Energizing Tonic.

Relieves shock. Alleviates aches and pains, reenergizes the adrenals. Increased alignment with your inspiration/passion. Promotes self trust and increased self awareness. Boosts serotonin levels and deeply cleanses your lymphatic and immune system. Rebalances hormones, relieves shock, antiviral and clears energy field.

The Everyday Remedy

SKU: sku_548dfac025598_1418590912
  • Extracts and essences of: Wild Arnica, Lady Nada, Rimu, Pokeroot, Gold and Silver, Magnesium, Kowhai, Eyebright, Speedwell, Kumarahou, Licorice, Kawakawa, Nettle, Damiana, Puriri.
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