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Essentially Clearing

Shikimic Acid Concentrate

Boosts energy levels through promoting increased cell function and thus oxygen availability. Helps lift ‘headfog’ and is a brain tonic.
Supports healthy nerve and muscle function. Blood cleansing, healing for the Nervous system, Heart and Blood. Ideal to be taken with Parasite Cleanse, The Next Step and Detox/Restore Health Now. Dissolves spike proteins from your system, and supports the clearing of long COVID symptoms.


Emotionally: Calming, clarifying and uplifting. Healing and freeing from fears.


Unifies; illuminates pathways and clarity of purpose.Lighting up from within, through full inclusion of all aspects of self. ‘SHINE’. Clears confusion and disillusionment.

Reunification of our Human and Divine Self.

Spark - 50ml

  • Gingko, Wheki, St John’s Wort, Dandelion roots/leaf and Nicotiana

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