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Inuit Goddess of the Sea.

Mother of the deep

‘Death may be merely the total dissolution of form and reestablishment of the asymmetry necessary to perpetuate the creativity we know as life’

May be used to:

  • Help surrender and release

  • Create and give birth to amazing new things

  • Help us trust in the unknown and trust in new life after death

  • Heal the kidney meridian and encourage self forgiveness

  • Help clear internalized self judgment

Assists those:

  • Clearing ancestral fears

  • Surfacing from depression

  • Who wish to move forward in their lives

Combines the Flower Essence of Aubépine, Chène (Oak), Melilotus officinalis, Rose, Alder, Green algues, and Cranesbill with the Sacred Spring Waters of the South of France and Montserrat, Spain.



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