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Bringing the Sacred into relationships

The Sacred Union essence uses fresh Teasel flowers and the essence of Viper’s bugloss to help bring a sacred way of relating with self and those you love.

Made at the Fountain of Love in Rennes les Bains, France.

May be used:

  • To support sacred relationship between lovers and long term partners

  • To help with deeply honouring the self and the other in relationship

  • In a love ceremony

Assists those:

  • In new and long-term relationships

  • With an intention to relate in a sacred way with those they love

  • Completing old relationships

  • Who have been through divorce or separation to help open to have relationship again

Combines the Flower Essence of Viper’s bugloss with the Sacred Spring Waters of the South of France and Montserrat, Spain.


Sacred Union

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