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Clears parasites and helps lymphatic system functioning at the same time. Deep cleanse for the system and clears parasites of all kinds. May be taken with diatomaceous earth.

Instructions for use: Best taken 5-6 dropperfuls in warm water 5-10 minutes before each meal, especially leading up to the full moon and a week after. 


Positive side effects of taking this remedy may include clearing cancer, helping the lymph, dissolving growths and cysts , assisting liver function, blood cleansing, boosting energy levels, assisting digestion &much more.

Ingredients include extracts and essences of Sanguinaria Canadensis, Artemisia annua, Piper excelsum, Phyllocladus sp, Phytolacca sp., Phormium tenax, Myrsine australis, Leptospermum scoparium, Larrea tridentata, Tanacetum sp, Ripogonum scandens, pure grain alcohol & UV light treated rain water.

Parasite Cleanse - 100ml

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