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‘La Sage Femme’

Mother Mary is a Cathar Goddess.

Aligned with Wise women and Grandmothers through time. She is an embodied Goddess.

Mother of all so she will take care of children even when they are adults.

The Mother Mary essence uses soothing Mallow and the extract of Heartsease to help bring calm and assurance in times of need.

This essence was charged at the Templar chapel of Campagne S’aude in Occitania, France.

May be used :

  • To calm children during changes and as emotional support to ease anxiety

  • For heart opening and clearing

  • In opening up deep presence of being

  • To assist healthy relationships, with self and others

Assists those:

  • Children who are going through anxiety or worry, particularly separation anxiety

  • Children who are acting up and need extra support

  • Who are going through menopause to stay harmonious and present

  • People who are going through ups and downs to experience more calmness

Combines the Flower Essences of Thistle (Benedictus, Chardon), Mauve, Pensée sauvage, Roses (pink &yellow), Melilotus, Pink Centaury, Anserina, and Trifolium with the Sacred Spring Waters of the South of France and Montserrat, Spain.


Mother Mary

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