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Lady of Kindness and Compassion

Self Compassion and understanding of others.

Caring for humanity. Kuan Yin reached enlightenment and didn’t have to come back but chose to, to help humanity.

The Kuan Yin essence uses a mix of fresh Viper’s bugloss and Agrimony flowers to help bring care and compassion for self and others into your life.

May be used :

  • To increase self compassion

  • To activate deep forgiveness, actual knowing of self where nothing is polarized

  • To assist being at ease with oneself

  • Understand self and the shadow, and what causes old behaviours and addictions

  • For strengthening on many levels and releasing self judgment

For those

  • Healers and caretakers, those who are in the background as support, people or animals ☺

  • People who deal with others in crisis

  • Healers or those opening the gateway of the heart

  • With a sick or special needs child, parent or lover, partner

Combines the Flower Essences of Centaury, White Melissa, Rose (yellow& pink), Oleander, Echium, vulgare, Hawthorn, Mistletoe, Liserons, Agrimony and Yarrow with the Sacred Spring Waters of the South of France and Montserrat, Spain.

Kuan Yin

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