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Goddess of the Underworld.

Acknowledging our shadow aspects.

Goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, justice and political power.

The Inanna essence uses Coltsfoot, Nettle root and the extract of Burdock root to help bring courage in times of need.

May be used:

  • For honouring and accepting all aspects of self even those you may not want to see

  • To honour, explore and transmute your anger

  • To experience more calmness, without extreme highs or lows

For those:

  • Who need help in accepting themselves in all their aspects (ie the human condition!)

  • Letting go old situations and ways of being

  • Who are formidable people but have low self esteem

  • People who need help in accepting, supporting and believing in themselves

  • Who have difficulty telling the truth, even to themselves


Combines Flower Essences of Hawthorn, Campanula, Lungwort, Birch, Melilotus, Coltsfoot, Lilac, Cleavers, Hydrangea, Epilobium sp, White saprophyte, Self heal, Ivy, Ivy leaved toadflax, Roses, Nettle root & flowers, Agrimony, and Elder with the Sacred Spring Waters of the South of France and Montserrat, Spain.



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