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Assists in clearing the way for new beginnings.

Emotional healing. Following the path of one’s heart and that of unconditional love. Clears energy grid through the body helping to de-condition the nervous system and let old conditioning go. Bringing in new light and emotional healing. Release of old emotional charges and attachments of all kinds.

Acknowledging your own truth to yourself. Following one’s inner wisdom through to new beginnings.

I am

SKU: sku_548df794b68fa_1418590100
  • Extracts and essences of: Tataramoa, Ipomea, Heartsease, Gingko, Croneswort, Round-leaved Gotu cola, Wild Roses, Lady nada, Walnut, Tanekaha, St John’s/Joan’s wort, Eyebright, Mamaku.
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