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Honouring the Sacred in daily Life

Goddess of the Home and Crossroads. The triple goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone. Domestic love.

Worshipped in the household to bestow prosperity and daily blessings on the family

The Hecate essence uses essence of fresh Vervain flowers to help bring soothing harmony into your life.

May be used:

  • For sacred space. Blessings of the home and other spaces

  • To honour and bring the Sacred into Every day life

  • For everyday decisions, connected with the instinctual life

  • To support women’s knowledge being passed on

  • For rites of passage; Adolescents (puberty and menstruation), Mother and Crone

For those:

  • Seeking a Ritual Essence for Sacred Home life

  • Who need assistance with reconnecting with natural instinct and decision-making

  • Getting married or starting a new chapter

  • Wishing to honour Domestic Love

​​​​​​​Combines the Flower Essence of Vervain with the Sacred Spring Waters of the South of France and Montserrat, Spain.



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