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Clears heavy metals of all kinds; assists chelation and exiting of the full spectrum of heavy metals from the body. Deep blood cleanse for the system.


Dose: Best taken 10 drops, in either a 1/3 cup warm or cold water. Take in the morning on an empty stomach and begin course of 10 drops for 10 days on a waning moon cycle. Take 10 drops for 10 days, then rest, then take 10 days on, 10 days off, and so on with this cycle until bottle is finished.


Positive side effects of taking this remedy may include clearing cancer,

Shock from the body/being, helping the lymph, dissolving growths and cysts , assisting liver function, boosting energy levels, assisting digestion & much more..


Ingredients: Extracts of Rimu, Kowhai, Tanekaha, Speedwell, Licorice, Wild arnica, Lady nada essence, Detox & Antiparasitic essence, Kumarahou, Harakeke, Kawakawa, Damiana, Nettle, Puriri, Mg, Pokeroot, Gold & Silver, Eyebright, pure grain alcohol & UV light treated rain water.


Heavy Metal Detox Drops - 25ml

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