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My name is Denise and I would like to thank you. My mum Sue brought some breathe remedy from you at the Tauranga expo on Sunday.  I have COPD, and am on inhalers. I was really struggling to just get air.  We are as people always skeptical to try new things, but I thought okay I will try it.  Ohh my gosh, what a difference. I have no stop point when I inhale and my shoulders have dropped allowing me to relax and just breath. I have not touched my inhalers since Sunday, and I know it's only Tuesday, but it has taken the anxiety out of my chest and I can walk up stairs more confidently.  On Monday morning I felt like I could move. So thank you. I will now be an avid supporter of what you do and look forward to one day meeting you to thank you in person 


SKU: sku_5487b21283c00_1418179090
  • Extracts and essences of: Kumarahou, Manuka, Viper's bugloss, Chickweed, Heartsease, Yarrow, Roses, Kawakawa, Rose quartz, Koromiko, Houhere, Carnelian, Mullein, Ti Kouka, Damiana, Olive leaf, Peach Stones, Ginger, Gingko, Nikau, Citrine, Sage, Labradorite.

  • Support for asthma, and for hay fever relief. Breath awareness and meditation tonic. Promotes a willingness to let go, and let life in. Supports a sense of safety through increased connection with oneself. Helps during periods of shut down on depression. Reminds you to say yes to life. Creating breathing room; filling the space that is you.

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