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Goddess of the home and consort. Family. Helping relationships.

The Athena essence uses a mix of calming Vervain and Yarrow to help bring clarity and harmony moving ahead.

May be used to:

  • Relax the nervous system

  • Find clarity, to listen to the voice within

  • Increases deep joy

  • Lower anxiety

  • Bring in higher learning and higher perception

  • Stand in your power, honour your truth

  • Help create deep lasting relationships in your life


For those:

  • Who are people pleasers

  • Who are too focused on what other people think or feel. Helps to refocus on what do you want?

  • Who are anxious or depressed

  • Those going through transition and who are confused as to what direction to head

Combines of Flower Essences and Sacred Spring Waters of the South of France and Montserrat, Spain.

Flower Essences of wild Sweet pea, Yarrow, yellow, peach& pink roses, grapes, pink tourmaline, Vervain, Cedar and wild Oregano.


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