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Meet Amy

The Plant Rhythms team is led by Amy McComb.

Amy is a traditional Master Herbalist and Curator of Blending Plant Medicines.  A regular contributor to the New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine, Amy is also an outdoor educator who offers outdoor immersive programs and courses on Plant Medicine. Her courses are grounded in sharing traditional Earth knowledge, wisdom and Goddess rituals and teachings.

She has been working with plants and people for over 25 plus years in many facets. Environmental education and indigenous teachings are core aspects of her approach. Amy is a Natural Energy Healer, an Intuitive Empath and Plant Rhythms has been created to further your own self-awareness and enjoyment of living life. Experience the wealth of wise woman wisdom so you can improve your health and allow the healing that wild plants, herbs and trees have to offer. Amy treats a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions restoring many people to their optimum health and wellness. Amy went to UNB University of New Brunswick Canada where she graduated with an Honours Science Degree majoring both in Botany and Indigenous Cultures and Healing. Amy apprenticed with Susun Weed and under her tutelage, she came to understand the importance of being able to be part of the Wise Woman Traditions of Healing. This took her on her own pathway to share her wisdom with her clients and her students. Amy has been a Herbal tutor and Outdoor educator in Canada, Costa Rica and Aotearoa,  New Zealand. Subsequent to teaching at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies for several years, she continues to run Healing Herbal Therapeutic and Goddess Essences Training Courses including online modules.


Amy promotes the use of plants that primarily nourish our bodies back to the wholeness that we already are and embody. She has a knowing of how plants contain pictures in their DNA of different parts of the human body that simply remind us of who we already are, and in this way remind our bodies and beings of our perfection. Plant medicine along with vibrational essences can set people up to be independent to be self-empowered in your life to gain back your health giving you confidence.

Group of Green Leaves
Group of Green Leaves
Big Tree

About PlantRhythms

There are many hands that make up the Plant Rhythms Herbal Medicine team.  Our team approach is cooperative from harvesting to bottling to processing orders. Our shared endeavour is inspired by providing your highest possible wellbeing.  Amy is deeply grateful to the Plant Rhythms team for their continued support in delivering these Herbal medicines to those who love and want them.

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