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Amy McComb brings in-depth knowledge of herbal medicine and vibrational essences with an intuitive healing approach. Creating natural botanical remedies for over 25+ years and she is one of the most well-respected and qualified herbalists in New Zealand.

Plant Rhythms remedies combine the energetic healing qualities of a flower essence with the medicinal healing properties of the physical plant. They are lovingly and consciously hand-crafted through making a process that honours the divine nature of all living things.

The Plant Rhythms herbal ranges have been created to treat a wide range of conditions from acute, chronic and to preventative health care.

They work on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level They are scientifically produced in accordance with the vibrational frequency of the plants in synergy with the actual human body.

Your Plant Rhythms is to increase awareness and enjoyment of self, and to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the wealth, wisdom and healing of wild plants and trees.

Bringing Wisdom with Healing Herbals
We invite you to experience this through:


Fatigue, Sleeping problems, Hormonal imbalances, Weight gain, PMT, painful periods, Digestion issues


Poor immune system, a foggy head, depression, blood sugar problems, Moods

Amy can assist you through giving you tools to reclaim your health to regain your strength.


Plantrhythms also offer specialist courses and apprenticeships to extend the use and knowledge of edible and medicinal plants, and herbal medicine making, to enable you to become a practitioner and also for practical use for families and for parents to be able to heal ailments in themselves and their own children.


Herbal Products

Discover our full range of products including the New Energy Range, Plant Rhythms Tinctures and Essences, Interactive Colour Healing, Search by Symptoms, Creams, Plant Oracle Cards and Colloidal Minerals.


'....this remedy is hard to describe.
The intention and way the plants are working is powerful and has far-reaching benefits.'

Courses for 2020...

2020 Shamanic Herbal Intensive Course - North Island 

Held at Waitakere Ranges, West coast of Auckland

June 12th- 16th 2020

5 day Herbal Intensive


A fully Immersive Herbal program which will provide you with key tools for life in making your own herbal medicines of all kinds, and much more, including working with the Frequencies and Energetics of Wild and Native plants, Shamanic journeying and Scientific and wholistic aspects. Includes Women’s traditional herbal healing practices. Anyone is eligible to apply. Herbal Training Certificate.

This is a 5 day and night live-in program.

June 12th- 16th 2020, 10 am – 5pm, Waitakere Ranges.

Daily wild plant soups & salads are prepared.

Course materials, syllabus etc included.

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2020 Shamanic Herbal Intensive Course - North Island

Held at Piha, West coast of Auckland

September 16th - 21st 2020

6 day Herbal Intensive


A fully Immersive Herbal program which will provide you with fundamental life skills and tools for making your own herbal medicines of all kinds.  We will cover much, including working with the Frequencies/Energetics of Native plants, Wild plants, ferns and club mosses etc. We will be doing Shamanic journey work and cover Scientific and wholistic aspects. Women’s traditional herbal healing practices. Anyone is eligible to apply. Those who have completed the Herbal Intensive in March will be given first priority.
Herbal Training Diploma.

This is a 6 day and night live-in program.

September 16th- 21st 2020, 10 am – 5pm, Waitakere Ranges.

Daily wild plant soups & salads are prepared.

Course materials, syllabus etc included.

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Training in Herbal Medicine

Online Herbalism Course. Plant rhythms; Wise woman tradition, Good ethos and foundational herbal medicine knowledge.

Includes course materials, conference calls, plant medicines, syllabus, plant videos to be sent out, may be booked and paid for one Course at a time.

This 8 week program is focused on developing your personal connection with Self and with Plants. Comprehensive course which simply requires presence of being.

This course will strengthen your intuition, will open you to a different state of communication, and provide a good basis for the understanding and ability to make plant medicine.

Herbal Training dates are:

Dates through
May 28th - July 23rd 2020

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Hands on Health and Healing
Women’s Herbal Health Cellular Medicine

Open to Old Students

Location: Piha  


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On the completion of two courses and a thesis to be handed in and presented during the second course.

Case Studies.  Perfect for students who have completed the intensive / apprenticeship and online course.

30 case studies to be completed and handed in. Feedback discussions and Foundations going forward with patients.

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