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Great Mother

The White Lady

Mother of all, Goddess and Protector of Children and Animals

‘I am Nature, Mother of All Things’

The Isis essence uses a mix of fresh elderflowers and extracts of life-giving cedar, rue, holly, and lady’s mantle to help bring peace and harmony into your life and those that you love.

May be used:

  • To Relax on a deep level, and heal from flight and fright states

  • To support one’s whole and sovereign being on Earth without losing oneself

  • As a restorative essence, to nurture and nourish on many levels

  • To help with clairvoyance and consciousness embodied

  • To ease anxiety and for protection

For those:

  • Who wish to connect with the Mother aspect, and as well the more wild aspect of the Divine feminine

  • Who have anxiety

  • Who wish to have healthy relationships


Combines the Flower Essences of Rue, Holly, Mistletoe, Roses (deep pink and yellow, red & white) , Liverwort, Moss, Spiraea, Heather (purple), Lichen, Witch hazel, Elder tree, Oregano, Soapwort, Cedar, Angelica, Wild carrot, and Valerian with the Sacred Spring Waters of the South of France and Montserrat, Spain.



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