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Mind Body System Tonic


Reestablishes energy levels. Supports heart, blood health, liver and  kidneys and is a nervous system tonic. Supports ease of  breath.

Instructions for use:  Best taken 1-3 dropperfuls in water twice a day. 


Extracts and essences of: Hypericum perforatum, Phyllocladus sp, Leptospermum scoparium, Metrosideros excelsa, Piper excelsum, Silybum marianum, Dysoxylum spectabile, Galium sp, Rosa spp., Podocarpus totara, Phormium tenax, Carmichaelia sp, Polygonum sp, Beilschmiedia tarairi, Quercus sp, Dianella, Elatostema ruugosum, Coprosma robusta, Loss essence, pure grain alcohol & UV light treated rain water.

Detox - 2023 Restore Health Now - 100ml

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