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Goddess of the Moon, Diana. Known as the ‘light bringer’.


The Artemis essence uses a mix of Artemisia and soothing Maidenhair fern essence to help bring alignment and support into your life and those you love.

May be used to:

  • Foster independence and increase self-respect, maintaining a good relationship with oneself

  • Foster determination and goal setting

  • Increase one’s connection with nature and communicate better with animals and plants

  • Help with respecting and honouring one’s boundaries with sexuality

  • Helps bring Endeavours and Life Missions into reality

For those:

  • Who are becoming more self-reliant, resilient, developing clarity and aligning with what’s best for them, in co-dependent relationships or solo

  • Those who have experienced an ‘awakening’ and are coming into their own

  • Who wish to learn to be independently reliant within a relationship

  • People who are empaths, environmentalists, activists and those who are in the midst of birthing or death processes.

Combines Maidenhair fern Essences and the Sacred Spring Waters of Campagne S’Aude in the South of France and Montserrat, Spain.



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