Plant Rhythms

Amy McComb brings in-depth knowledge of herbal medicine and vibrational essences with an intuitive healing approach. Creating natural botanical remedies for over 25+ years and she is one of the most well-respected and qualified herbalists in New Zealand.
Plant Rhythms also offer specialist courses and apprenticeships to extend the use and knowledge of edible and medicinal plants, and herbal medicine-making to enable you to become a practitioner and also for practical use for families and parents to be able to heal ailments in themselves and their own children.
Plant Rhythms remedies combine the energetic healing qualities of a flower essence with the medicinal healing properties of the physical plant. They are lovingly and consciously hand-crafted through a making process that honours the divine nature of all living things.

Achieve real


Healing Herbal remedies

The Plant Rhythms herbal ranges have been created to treat a wide range of conditions from acute, chronic and to preventative health care.

They work on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level They are scientifically produced in accordance with the vibrational frequency of the plants in synergy with the actual human body.

Your Plant Rhythms is to increase awareness and enjoyment of self, and to promote a better understanding and appreciation of the wealth, wisdom and healing of wild plants and trees.
Bringing Wisdom with Healing Herbals Remedies
Introducing a sister range of Goddess essences to support the journey inwards
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