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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the more common questions can be found below.

What are PlantRhythms?

They are herbal extracts, unusual in that they are a combination of a tincture and a plant essence. This makes them very widely applicable. They work physically as well as energetically and emotionally. These natural herbal solutions are Wildcrafted and Organic. They rebalance the body, reminding us of our wholeness and optimal functioning.


How soon do they start working?

They work straight away. Varying degrees of sensitivity means each individual feels the effects in their own time. I can feel them working with myself and others when they are simply being held, before they are even taken internally. They can have positive effects in many different aspects of a person’s life.


Where can I buy them?

Plant Rhythms sells direct through this website and also through stockists throughout New Zealand.  To find your nearest stockist, click here.


What dose and how do I take them?

They are best taken 1-3 dropperfuls/day and as needed in 1 ml doses in water throughout the day.


Can I order a specialized remedy for myself?

Yes. Mixed herbs/essences are available. Please ring if you would like a personalized formula.


Do the Colloidal minerals contain colloidal silver?

There is no Colloidal silver in the Colloidal minerals. There are about 90 different minerals in the Mineral solution, from seaweeds and mineral-rich land plants. It is particularly high in Magnesium, stopping muscle cramps and twitching straight away. It is also a probiotic containing beneficial bacteria for the gut flora and digestive funtioning.


Can I use these remedies for children and animals?

Yes, children respond particularly well to PlantRhythm remedies. They often require smaller doses and the effects are easily seen. We frequently hear from parents who have been requested by their little ones to reorder their herbs.

Animals respond well to these herbs - from dogs and cats to parrots, we have supplied herbal solutions with good effect, treating the underlying cause of the disease, or discomfort. One lady rang up about her parrot who was obsessively plucking his feathers out. Once she began giving him the herbs, he stopped and was a lot better.


What is the difference between PlantRhythms and Bach flower or other flower essence drops?

The PlantRhythm remedies are a combination of an essence and a tincture (physical extract of a plant) so they work well energetically, emotionally and physically.


How are the herbs best taken?

The herbs are generally taken under the tongue, in a glass of water or in a waterbottle through the day.


How does the physical extract part of the remedies work and do they contraindicate with medication?

These are plant concentrates that simply rebalance the body. Every plant in the world has about 600-800 different alkaloids, and these extracts have concentrated the medicinal components in their whole natural form— while working strongly energetically as well. The interesting thing is that though they are physical they are safe to use with prescription medication; they do not contraindicate. Indeed they can and do greatly help people get off medication such as antidepressants, high blood pressure tablets etc. Seek practitioner's advice.


How do Plant remedies empower us and set us up to function as well as we can?

Plants and Trees are remarkable- it has been shown that they hold the image in their DNA of different organs and tissues of the human body. In this way they work at a cellular level and remind us of our optimal functioning. For instance, the Licorice plant holds the image in its DNA of our adrenal glands, which are the ‘shock absorbers’ of the system largely responsible for our energy levels, hormones, blood sugar balance etc. Licorice literally reminds our adrenal glands what it is like to function optimally via the ‘pictograph’ in its DNA. Plants actually set us up to be independent- so the net result is that, with a good diet, we do not need to continue taking them.


Why are Plantrhythm remedies so widely applicable?

Because they are unusual in that they are like a tincture and flower essence combined. They work physically as well as energetically, and emotionally. They are all different frequencies, just like crystals. As physics understands, plants all vibrate at a different rate, at a slightly different frequency to one another. They have been colour-coded for the frequencies they work on. The colour(s) people are drawn to are often the plant(s) working with them.


How are the materials for the remedies harvested?

These herb and tree extracts are Wildcrafted and Organic.


How do I know when the herbs have rebalanced my system?

When taking a course of plantrhythm remedies it is best to continue taking the bottle(s) regularly until finished. Then wait a week or two and one should still feel just as good as when you were taking them. If after a week or two, this changes, you may need one or two more courses of herbs.

Can the remedies be used externally on the body?

The herbs may also be used topically as needed, and may be applied to the area(s) of the body they are working with. They are a wonderful addition to any healing session. Additionally, the herbs may be used to make eyedrops. Simply make a saline solution- that tastes like tears- and add 2-3 drops of a herb of your choice. The solution has a 2-3 day shelf life when kept in the fridge. Speedwell and Eyebright are perfect for use in eyedrops, as they both efficiently relieve eye tiredness and soreness. Enjoy!

Can I give the herbs to my children?

These herbal formulas are really great beneficial for kids and can be & are given safely to all different ages. Can be given as 5 drops under the tongue or a whole dropperful to calm as needed.

Questions regarding effects with St. John’s wort concentrate:

Please do not take the St. John’s wort concentrate with medication as there are contraindications. 
However the St. John’s wort is present in such minute amounts in the New Energy Range formulas that these remedies do not contraindicate with medications.

During pregnancy:
Please take New Energy Range formulas as 5 or 10 drops once or twice a day as needed. Wonderful effects with these doses at this time.


Safe and super helpful during breastfeeding. Take 1-5 dropperfuls a day as this will help you rebalance your hormones and help energy levels and settle baby at the same time.