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PlantRhythm Life Destination Sessions

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6 Step Plan 

  • Assessment

  • Physiology & Anatomy of Spirit

  • Muscle Testing & Energetics

  • Treatment plan

  • Diagnosis & Goal

  • Prescription


This is a system in which we  intend to set you up to be independent and empowered so that you have the tools and understanding of yourselves and the plants and can self manage.


Phone and Skype Sessions


Health and wellbeing consults that include plant readings and distance healing.  To book, see below.


In Person Sessions


Three (3) Sessions recommended to enable the above process.


PlantRhythm Life Destination Sessions

$200 inclusive of herbs


$120/hr appointments plus plant remedies



Hours: Monday- Thursday


For appointments

Please ring 021897874


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No energy

Irritable and angry


Not sleeping properly

Waking up tired


Poor Digestion

Menstrual PMT etc


High Blood Pressure


No zest for life/listless


Amy is a leading consultant in helping people locate the underlying causes of illness, health challenges or dis-ease. The modalities she works in include trained body sensing techniques, kinesiology, plant readings, interactive drawing, sound and energy work and health consults. She uses Wildcrafted Organic plant medicines to accurately target and work with the underlying issues that are causing the health concern(s).


Specific plants are chosen for the person that remind them of their perfection and optimal functioning. In this way a person is supported back to active health.


The journey, and the process, varies. Plants, by their very nature remind us of our natural state of wholeness.


Phone and Skype

Phone/Skype Consults and Plant Readings

Phone Consults ½ hr


$70/half hour to be paid prior to session

Time will be arranged once payment confirmed.


Phone or Skype - $70 per half hour

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